Careereye Group - a company active in HR services on the Internet
Careereye Group - active in HR services on the Internet
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What is the Careereye Group?

We are a company active in job search and HR services on the Internet.

Our mission is to change how candidates search jobs and how to make the right decisions for their own career. We can, through our network of niche services towards different targets, offer our clients a better way to match – meaning that the companies has a better possibility to find their perfect candidate and work with their Employer Brand to attract the most talented candidates in their specific niche.

We are active in six different countries; Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Austria and USA, with the ambition to continue our growth and expand throughout Europe and America.

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Careereye Network

Our Network includes job sites in different niched areas – including doctors, engineers, IT, teachers, professors, nurses and more. Careereye Network is currently including 17 different websites for vacant jobs in five different countries whom together offers thousands of jobs – each day. is a community that gives the user insight in company reviews, CEO ratings, salary reports, office photos and more. This by providing the opportunity to evaluate and compare different companies based on what is important when choosing an employer, by rating the employer by culture and values, mood and atmosphere, balance between work and leisure and salary, which all are important factors when choosing a new job. We keep you updated with the latest jobs in all categories and provides insight in what it is really like to work at a company, according to employees. All reviews are written by employees or former employees anonymously, which contributes to the transparency and credibility.

For employers, Careereye provides employer branding and online recruitment solutions. We help over 7,000 companies to market themselves and their jobs in order to recruit the best candidates. We help build your brand towards candidates and influence them to apply to you instead of your competitors. Your job advertising can be uniquely targeted to attract the best candidates for your company.

Our product gives opportunity for you as an employer to showcase your Employer Brand in new ways. Take control over your company's profile and tell your story, highlight your employer brand and promote your job listings.Through Careereye you can showcase your Employer Brand in a transparent and authentic way, with the purpose to influence candidates and job seekers how they make their decisions about where to work.

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What differentiates Careereye from other recruiting channels, is that we offer a new transparent way to look for jobs. We give job seekers an advantage to make the best decision for their career, by sharing valuable information about employers, created by the users themselves. That makes Careereye the most transparent and authentic community – for employers, employees and job seekers.

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